Great Real Estate Purchases



Peter Minuit bought Manhattan for the Dutch from the Man-ahat-a Indians during the summer of 1626 for goods value at $24. The Dutch named the island New Amsterdam.


Napoleon, who had recovered the Louisiana Territory from Spain by a secret treaty, sold all of the Territory, to the United States, for $11,250,000 in bonds, plus $3,750,000 indemnities to American citizens with claims against France. President Thomas Jefferson took title on December 20, 1803. The purchase included 582,003,200 acres and doubled the size of the United States. (2.6 cents an acre)


The United States Purchases Florida from Spain. A total of 37,546,240 acres were transferred on February 22,1819.


The Gadsden Purchases was completed between the United States and Mexico including 18,988,800 acres of southern New Mexico and Arizona.


Secretary of the State William H. Seward negotiated the purchases from Russia of Alaska for $7,200,000. The purchases inclused 365,039,360 acres and closed on March 30,1867. (2 cents an acre)

Which was the best buy? Any one of them, if you had the money.

What did you Purchase lately?